I help life science managers advance their careers with better English communication skills

Hi I’m Carlos …

In early 2019, I used my combined English teaching, management, and language learning experience to start my own online business and now help managers and directors at global life science companies to improve their English communication skills in order to communicate more clearly, confidently, and professionally in order land more promotions, job opportunities, and advance their careers.

Since starting my business, I’ve helped managers and directors from the world’s leading life science companies improve their English communication skills and communicate professionally, get promotions, and advance their careers.

About Carlos

I am from the United States and am a native English and Spanish speaker. I also speak Mandarin Chinese and have been learning Japanese for about a year.

I am a passionate believer in connecting and networking through language, communication skills, business, and understanding one another.

We live in a time where we are all more connected than ever before. If we can use this to our advantage, especially for managers, directors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, I believe this is the key to long-term success, advancing our careers, more career options, self-growth, and a more enjoyable life.


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Digital Course:
Career Accelerator

In this affordable, self-paced version of my premium 1-1 and small group coaching programs, I help my clients to land more promotions and accelerate their careers by improving their English communication skills over weeks using proving, effective, and efficient systems in order to get real results that translate into more business for you.

Group Coaching

Enjoy learning and improving your English communication skills via a group dynamic that will allow us to practice communicating in a very fun, interactive way while getting the results you need for your career.

One on One Coaching

Fully personalized, private 1-1 coaching where we focus together to most efficiently help you improve your English communication skills for your career in the shortest amount of time possible.