Live Group Coaching: Career Accelerator for Life Science Managers

A live group coaching program designed for busy life science managers who want to use their Business English communication skills more confidently and professionally at work to get more promotions at their current company and land new job opportunities at new companies.

Over 4 weeks, I provide you with weekly video trainings and challenges (tailored for busy life science managers like you, so they’re designed with your busy schedules in mind!), 4 bonus LIVE weekly group coaching sessions with me, a bonus 1-1 session opportunity, and a VIP LinkedIn Group community.

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One on One Private Coaching

FULLY personalized, private 1-1 coaching with prioritized scheduling where we focus together to most efficiently help you improve your Business English communication skills for your career within 12 weeks or less.

We do this by focusing on 3 main, important areas:

Build your English Language Plan to Build Confidence Communicating:

Learners will improve their use of the English language by creating a systematic plan to use their English more clearly and confidently at work more quickly.

Develop students’ English negotiation skills:

Learners will learn how to express and negotiate their ideas clearly, proactively, and effectively in order to communicate more effectively and professionally as well as deal with misunderstandings or conflict due to cultural or personality differences.

Craft students’ English presentation and proposal skills:

Learners will learn how to professionally communicate with presentation skills and storytelling in order to connect with their audience, communicate with impact and persuasion, and drive decision-making.

If you’re seriously interested, book a free video call to talk with me and see if you’re a good fit for the program. I’ll inspect your booking, if you’re a good fit for my program, I’ll confirm your booking.

(Note: This is NOT simply conversational English lessons, if all you want to do is practice your conversational English, please do not book a call with me as you are not a suitable fit for my program, you can already do that for free. I specifically focus on helping managers and professionals in leadership positions improve their professional communication in English to develop and advance their careers)